GPX File Reader

GPX File Reader - initial requirements.

Yeah so as I've announced at Github Pages and Travis auto Deployment, I'm starting work on GPX File reader.

Let's first create a requirements on this task.

What's our assumptions ?

1. We will not invent wheel again

I'm not going to create another library that …

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Django Unit Tests at Biking Endorphines

Unit Tests why would you need this at all?

1. Unit tests and regression testing!

Gives you confidence of not breaking your previous features by creating new features.

2. Program some more!

When you create unit-tests you have to think-through on the source-code to be proper applied to the tests …

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Behind closed doors - Biking Endorphines idea.

Biking Endorphines - story REVEALED.

Story behind the bars :)

How this project came to my mind and why I've started it?

This project came to my mind as an idea, that I could motivate myself to ride bike more offen than I do now.

Second part besides of "motivation for riding …

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Biking Endorphines - Where to Begin?

What Github offers us.

Since project Biking Endorphines will be maintained at open-source Github, let's check what type of tools does Github offers us.

To narrow down our research, let's just find tools available as "free" - they will all be an Continuous Integration tools which purpose will be to build …

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