DSP Gala?

GetNoticed 2017

For everyone that does not know yet - DSP is a contest made by Maciej Aniserowicz in which one had a chance to Get Noticed, create a blog with at least 2 articles by week and creating open-sourced project at github.

It's the second edition of "Get Noticed" Gala.

The Agenda for the Gala event can be found in here - in polish lang.

My attendance in DSP Gala?

I have been one of the finalist of DSP2017 (the one that have made 2 articles per week).

I've decided to meet Maciej Aniserowicz and other participants. Also I had high hopes to introduce myself and my project to others in some way.

From Paris to Berlin... I mean... From Bydgoszcz to Warsaw

So to attend in gala, I had to either drive by car, take a bus or use train.

I've decided to go by train - because after checking arrival time - I had high hopes not to be late :)

Sure thing - I was not - I managed to be at registration short before ending :)

Handshaking Maciej Aniserowicz!

So that was first time I had a chance to meet Maciej!.

It was a great opportunity for me to work on my introvertism and hand-shake his hand!

And I did! Man - that was so liberating, I feel so good even now!

DSP Participants!

Wow ! That was my first shock when I've arrived at Warsaw with my colleague - Wojciech - At the Gala there was a full-house of people. I knew that there will be around 150 people, but I did not anticipate almost all of them will come!

Since Maciej was so generous and add information that no-formal-style was needed - All of us could feel more comfortable in our usual daily outfit :)

I had high hopes to get to know other people and participants that I compete against :)

From first glance I knew there will be a lot of Dot-Net programmers - but I found a lot of programmers that knew more then Dot-Net. I even found a pythonist! - High-Five to you Jakub

I even found one of them got more interested in my project ! Fantastic! My goal has been achieved!

DSP participants and their presentations!

Participants of DSP had a chance to have their presentation at Gala.

Applause for all of them! I personally had a lot of fun on each and every one!

Even my colleague had his presentation! The “Daj się poznać’ się skończyło. Twoja przygoda z blogowaniem dopiero się rozpoczyna” - I had to admit Wojciech - you did great job! You have motivated me personally to move on with project!


After DSP there was an afterparty. Unfortunatelly I could not participate in it. I hope to find all of you at other conferences and meetups!

Blog and What now?

Lately I tried to make a plan of creating 2 articles in week.

That did not worked out because of my learning to work and also because of my weekend Android-Google-Exam that I passed!

See my my badge: Associate Android Developer Badge

I've decided that for next 2 weeks (till end of June) I will not blog. I had to focus on learning stuff needed in work.

After that time, I hope to blog at least once a week.

So let's see you in July! Thanks!


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