Get Noticed ??

So what's "Get Noticed" about ? It's a Polish programming Contest that covers creating your own project and making 2 posts a week.

From those 2 posts, one must be with information about Contest project, the second one can be about any topic that's connected with programming/IT/technologies or Contest project.

The Contest takes a 3-months challenge for maintaining and developing open-sourced (available at github) code and making 2 posts a week.

Involvement Time!

That's just funny, but first time I've heard about "get-noticed!" I've thought - I'm a little bit to scared to get involved in such a big-deal.

But wait a second. Do you - I mean YOU - reader of this post - have a spare lifetime?

Yeah, me neither, so instead of being a chicken I've decided to step-up.

One inspiration to starting at this contest was not having a lot of coding lately neither at work nor at home.

Second inspiration that pushed me to my limits of bravery is Wroclaw's Conference called BoilingFrogs and their lectures.

Fortunatelly for me and other contest participants, registration has been extended to 12th of March link-to-post-in-polish.

Project Code-Name :)

Project I've decided to reactivate (or perhaps to resurrect would be a better word for it - since it was almost 2 years ago) was an old idea of Biking Statistics.

Now - Biking Statistics was an idea of creating better statistics than there are for Endomondo's site, but using their input from Android application (GPX files).

It worked, but I never had time to finish it up. And so it finally was a "shelf" project - You may find it at my github account somewhere -don't hope for a lot.

The contest project name is different, it's .... fanfare's in background ....

Biking Endorphines

I'll say no more about project. Soon when idea will grow up I'll inform you :)

What's next ??

Within this 3 months I hope to give you such a nice ride that you will not dare to abandon this blog :)

But seriously - In this couple of weeks I'll proudly present you :

  • All of my failures,
  • All of my successes,
  • Process of creating project (all-life-cycle),
  • Hardware & Software Requirements,
  • Testing libraries/Tools used,
  • IDE's used,
  • Tools (other then IDE's) used,
  • Programming Language used,
  • Programming Language libraries used,
  • And much, much, more.

Stay tuned :) Soon new post :)


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