Biking Endorphines - Introduction to Android sub-project

Introduction - What's this Android application doing in python project??

You may wonder why use Android application in python project??

Python project was from the beginning only one part of product that I wanted to create.

Second part was always the Android application that will gather data from GPS and show …

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GPX Initial Solution

Plan for this solution

This time I had a plan.

The plan assumed that I'll create initial solution for GPX reading information.

Reading basic information like points and just create initial test-cases for this.

I've even created a sub-class of GPXReader for Endomondo Specific format data, but thus far endomondo's …

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GPX File Reader

GPX File Reader - initial requirements.

Yeah so as I've announced at Github Pages and Travis auto Deployment, I'm starting work on GPX File reader.

Let's first create a requirements on this task.

What's our assumptions ?

1. We will not invent wheel again

I'm not going to create another library that …

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