GPXReader - Business Logic and Tests


I've informed you I'll be doing Business Logic for Biking Endorphines.

To make best of my time I've considered to go with TDD and that's why I'll first implement Tests for Business Logic.

This will propably shape all business logic, but I'll have already tests with myself for future …

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Biking Endorphines - Introduction to Android sub-project

Introduction - What's this Android application doing in python project??

You may wonder why use Android application in python project??

Python project was from the beginning only one part of product that I wanted to create.

Second part was always the Android application that will gather data from GPS and show …

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GPX Initial Solution

Plan for this solution

This time I had a plan.

The plan assumed that I'll create initial solution for GPX reading information.

Reading basic information like points and just create initial test-cases for this.

I've even created a sub-class of GPXReader for Endomondo Specific format data, but thus far endomondo's …

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GPX File Reader

GPX File Reader - initial requirements.

Yeah so as I've announced at Github Pages and Travis auto Deployment, I'm starting work on GPX File reader.

Let's first create a requirements on this task.

What's our assumptions ?

1. We will not invent wheel again

I'm not going to create another library that …

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