Why did you start Blogging?

Before I've decided to get involved in blogging, I've thought - I don't have time for this. I should be learning, programming, but not blogging.

Where is fun in that?

For more then few years I did not blog ( I had an internal blog - one that does not qualify as a blog, but more for a note-taking place about technical stuff). It's not that I haven't been thinking about it, but I didn't considered it as a way for making more progress in programming.

Years passed by and finally I've found myself in work at project in which I did not develop any features. I thought to myself - just get over with it, it will pass, someday you will program new things. But day after day, week after week I've struggle with not programming and my frustration levels went far beyond any understanding.

Then I've though - it's time to get back on my biking-trainings at mornings that always gave me such a pleasure for almost all day.

It worked partially. At the final stage I've decided to go with something more than just relaxing myself before work!

Strike 1 - online-courses!

Online courses worked out for few weeks. But not for long. I didn't want to spend my time only on some useless courses that didn't bring any potential measure outcome in meaning - a project that I could maintain.

Strike 2 - power of conferences!

That was my second and more successful attempt to get out of comfort zone. That worked very well - not only I had to overcome my shyness to new people, but also I could learn something new.

Yeah you could just play youtube-channel with some conference, but that is just a substitute of how much you can gain going on such event!

The BoilingFrogs conference on which my friend Wojciech asked me to go, was the one that inspired me a lot.

It was that much of inspiration, that I've decided to start my own Blog. I will not say about "Why you should have your own blog" - there has been a lot of articles out there about that and youtube-videos that I would just repeat other's thoughts.

To simply summarize why I started blog - for learning new things, making articles that could be useful for potential future audience. Learn by explaining!

DSP and final thoughts

At the BoilingConference I've found out about DSP contest. It was 25 of February. Just few days before end of registration for this contest. I didn't know back then If I want to participate in such a big thing. Initially I've started my blog without DSP - with my simple Wednesdays Tutorials article.

Few days later at 2nd of March I read information that registration has been extended for another 10 days - And thought to myself - what's the worse that can happen? Even if I fail to make project in that time - I will learn new things that may push myself away from comfort zone!

And I've created my first article with DSP tag

For project I've figure out - why not restart my long waiting project of Biking statistics that I've kind-of abandoned.

Within this project I've made a lot little successes that I did not anticipate before making it! So yea... it worked out! A lot! Thanks Maciej that I could participate in this contest!

Accomplished at Biking-Endorphines Projects!

Originally I thought I will create both Android application and python backend with web module.

That was not realistic thinking taking into consideration my previous duties (full-time job, weekend course and other). Fortunatelly I've cut-off Android-part somewhere in the middle of April.

Now to the optimistic part :)

I've accomplished:

Overall - I've done pretty much good job. I know I could have done more - but as I've recently said in one of my posts - Done is better then perfect!

To Be continued

No, it's not over :) Projects will be continued.

Plans - What's next?

I plan to have at least 2 articles per week.

First article is going to be strictly Tutorials - where I will discover new things that may/may not be of any usefulness :)

Second article will be about Biking Endorphines project!

Thanks to all my readers! And ofcourse , Monty Python !

MontyPython-It's only a flesh wound


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