FancyBox Plugin Finalizing

FancyBox Pelican Plugin - are you done already?

The FancyBox is almost complete. Need to adjust some elements. But main functionality is almost complete.

Down below are all functions that I've created:

Replace function.

Needed to create a replace function for replacing fancybox markdown element from article with a fancybox-type element …

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FancyBox Plugin Finding Fancybox elements in articles


Lately I've started working on this pelican-plugin that will use special command in markdown article to "magically" change it's content into a fancybox-alike.

I've started it with badly without TDD and that approach failed to leave me with successful plugin created.

My failure was also in copy-pasting others plugins …

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FancyBox Plugin and Test Driven Development Flow

Test Driven Development Flow

So lastly I've introduced to myself a Test Driven Development, but unfortunatelly I didn't examine the flow and approach as much as I should.

Thanks to Uncle Bob I've realized what exactly TDD flow looks like.

1. Make a test that (should) fail.

The idea is …

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Pelican blog with Fabric and FTP deployment part 2/2

FTP Deployment using ftputil for Pelican Blog.

Process of creating Fabric Deployment with FTP included:

1. Using Quickstarter for creating default pelican blog example.
2. Setting-up FTP Server for testing.
3. Adding ftp_upload task at Fabric default
4. Exploring and development of ftp_upload task using ftputil and netrc …
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