As I've informed you at post Pelican blog with Fabric and FTP deployment part 2/2 I've started working on Pelican Bootstrap3 Theme.

it's a MIT licensed theme that supports categories, github project's information, social information and few others that I'm currently not interested in.

How to use pelican-bootstrap3 theme

To use this theme, first thing you need is to git clone this repository:

git clone themes

Then add information about path for your selected theme in as presented below:

PLUGIN_PATHS = ['plugins']
PLUGINS = ['i18n_subsites']
THEME = "themes/pelican-bootstrap3"
    "extensions": ['jinja2.ext.i18n'],

Then please install i18n plugin from here, using below mini-script (unfortunatelly they all are in one repository, not as git sub-modules.)

git clone plugins

You may want to remove all other plugins besides i18n_subsites:

cd plugins && mv i18n_subsites ../ && rm -rf . && mv ../i18n_subsites .

And it will start working.

What tips and tricks I've checked with this theme:

1. Github Repositories.

Great idea that you can use your github account and just use without additional plugins gh-repos visible at right banner.

You may want to trick it to only view your own source projects with:

GITHUB_USER = 'anselmos'

2. About me banner information.

There is an information for something similar to About-Page, but available all-the-time in right-banner, it's "ABOUT_ME".

Just add in your variable ABOUT_ME that will contain all information you want to say about yourself. This variable will also properly decode all html-type metadata.

3. Your code-blocks are customizable!!!

You can change your code-blocks style to different if you want. There are a lot of them because it's using Pygments.

To check what type of Pygments style you can use, check pelican-bootstrap3-theme-page

4. Many many other options

This options can be setup, by reading first information about theme that is available here.

Code commits done for this post:

Tools and applications used:

  • Vi/vIM
  • pelican
  • Docker

What's next

1. I'll continue working on pelican-theme with using fancybox
2. See ISSUES task-list for this 'mini' growing project :)


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