Asciinema, what is that?

Asciinema is a tty(console session) recorder that enables to copy-paste a recorded commands when watching them played.

Best of all, you can use not only their site, but you can also make your own player at your site more about that here

How to use Asciinema?


<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/asciinema-player.css" />
<asciinema-player src="asciinema/biking_endorphines_pyreverse.json"></asciinema-player>
<script src="scripts/asciinema-player.js"></script>

Pretty easy huh? Well, yea, you may use then only this:

<asciinema-player src="asciinema/biking_endorphines_pyreverse.json"></asciinema-player>

And that is fine. Now why would I create a plugin for such a thing? To make my life a bit easier, and not having to repeat myself by adding over and over again the css and js files into markdown files or the theme itself (theme then is changeable, I'm not stuck with only this changed theme).

Demo?? Where can I see how it works ??

You could check how it works at my previous post

What are key concepts?

I want to have added javascript and css stylesheets whenever a tag will be found in markdown file. When not, then plugin should not add anything to content of markdown files at the generation stage.

What's now?

Well I have'nt got enough proper time to sit down and make this plugin yet. But I've created pelican-asciinema repository at github.

Tools and applications used:

I'll give feedback next Wednesday :)



1. Start working on plugin for asciinema player.

What's next

1. See ISSUES task-list for this 'mini' growing project :)


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