FancyBox Pelican Plugin

Yes! It's a ready-to-use product :)

So... how to use it ??

FancyBox Plugin Installation!

I will add a README information in github project, but for now let's go to specifics of HOW TO:

Best is if you use release 1.0 version or code from master, in below example I'll use release:


Then unzip file.

You should have a directory called "v1.0" or other that you have named your zip file.

Change name into fancybox and move it to your pelican-plugins directory

Now add plugin as usually into pelican:

PLUGIN_PATHS = ['pelican-plugins']
PLUGINS = ['fancybox']

That's for only this plugin, but if you have more plugins then this, you just add fancybox or other name of directory inside of which fancybox source code exists, into PLUGINS list.

And voilà. You should be ready to use plugin!

Fancybox Plugin Usage!

But wait ... so how can you use it ??

That's the magic! You only add something like this into article:

Title: First
Date: 2017-04-03
When writing a post or page, add a footnote like this:


<fancybox href=>Url</fancybox>

Final result

Final result is available at master branch of project or at v1.0 release tag

Code commits done for this post:

Tools and applications used:

Little UPDATE :)

I've finished drawing a pseudo logo for my plugin that you can check here. or at Instagram

Hope you'll like it !

Please leave a comment below :)



1. Make final commit for source-code of fancybox plugin

2. Draw a logo for pelican-fancybox-plugin

What's next

1. Start working on plugin for asciinema player.

2. See ISSUES task-list for this 'mini' growing project :)


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