There are at least 2 options that I know how to add RSS link to pelican-bootstrap3 theme.

To The Point

Adding RSS

First things first - if you have not yet setup your RSS at pelican with pelican-bootstrap3, you can with this in your configuration:

AUTHOR_FEED_ATOM = None # here you can put something like 'feeds/'
AUTHOR_FEED_RSS = None # here you can put something like 'feeds/'
FEED_ALL_ATOM = 'feeds/all.atom.xml'
TAG_FEED_ATOM = 'feeds/%s.tag.atom.xml'
CATEGORY_FEED_ATOM = 'feeds/%s.atom.xml'

RSS at the top menu of side.

You obviously can add RSS link on the top menu.

To do that add to your or in MENUITEMS list item like that:

    ['RSS', "feeds/all.atom.xml"]

RSS in the blogroll link

In the "blogroll" links:

    ('RSS', "feeds/all.atom.xml")

Tweaking top-menu theme of pelican-bootstrap3

As suggested in this pelican blog setup - I decided to also tweak my top-menu theme items with icons.

To do this I've changed MENUITEMS generation at template/base.html with this:

{% for title, link, icon in MENUITEMS %}
    <li><a href="{{ link }}"><i class="fa {{icon}} fa-lg"></i>{{ title }}</a></li>
{% endfor %}

The MENUITEMS now looks like this:

    ['RSS', "feeds/all.atom.xml", 'fa-rss']

So from now on I can add one of FontAwesome icons into my menu-items with ease.



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