What happen?

Let's start from last post about the plans - I did terrible thing of a bit giving up. And the only one to blame is myself.

I've planned to produce till end of this week a python-part.

My plan was too much optimistic that I'll have at least 1-2 hours per day to make commits and release code. Also this features that I had to create were not well documented of what I'm suppose to actually do.

Unfortunatelly there was few things that I did not anticipate in my plan - i.e. going to JUG conference.

Lately I've found a youtube clip from Tim Ferris about productivity and procrastination that made me more optimistic about future!

He says that every task should be splitted intochunks. Then you need to make estimation of how much of this tasks you can do per day - and while making that you should make sure that it's less that you know you could produce - in that way you will everyday pass your task by making this chunk of task and if lucky you may notice yourself exceeding this limit.

What now ?

From now I will not make any plans that are not at least estimated and prioritized.

Let's find out if Github Issues can be handled with estimation points ?

After 10 minutes of searching - Well there's no obvious option like "it will take me 1 hour of work".

Unfortunatelly Github is not like a Redmine or Trac that gives option to setup things like that.

Let's for now use labels instead.

Raise Up like Phoenix!

Yes! I'm now going to raise up and make an effort on focusing on python backend/rest-api part till end of May.

Then go back to Android part, create simplest application that will bind with python-api and give end-user information about biking-routes/endorphines.

Final word

Now... I'm going to change issues and add labels. :)

Less talking - more coding! :D

BTW: I've lately started working on pygithub_playground for gathering github-issues - Checkout how fast and easy it is to get github issues from python command line!


See you soon!


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