Original Design

Initially I did not have any design at all. I just planned my work few steps ahead for development.

I didn't realize untill lately, that I did a terrible thing - I didn't have an idea of how "almost finished" product will look like with Biking Endorphines project.

Fortunatelly for me, my colleagues from our "MasterMind" group gave me a great feedback about that - Thanks @Grzegorz and @Wojtek.

I gave too much effort and was focused almost 100% on the code instead of the product itself.

That's why I've decided to cross-out all the plans I had and start almost from begining with designing web-based application.

In that situation I will know where the work needs to go (the path I'm leading it) and know how much there is left to do.

And then I can focus on the REST-API and Android APP. (which btw will also need to be designed first)

Web Design tools/services

A part of me didn't want to do this in an online-tool. Instead I'd prefer to make a drawing by hand sketch.

But online and the "software" tools have a lot of things already prepared for job I want to do that it would not be productive - it would be a bit of wasting time on sketching.

I will probably do some hand-sketching after-all just as a POF- but for now let's focus on what the Web has for us.

Tools & Services I've found for making web design:

  • This is a recurring one from Tim Ferris - "99designs.com"
  • The Bootstrap Studio - not free - when I've checkout it out- it was about 25$ for a "lifetime" offline licence.
  • StackHive - online web-based application for making designs of web-application. What is great about this app- it has a "free" plan in which you have 2 projects available. Also this application allows you to export your project and have it used elsewhere.
  • Tools like Weebly, Webs.com - where you probably don't have access to files you created - platform provides included hosting of web-site created in online-creator
  • Much more, checkout : AlternativeToLink Of BootstrapStudio

B-Endorphines Web Design

Well it's a tough decision, but for now I'll probably stick with the "StackHive" - to checkout they're free-plan. If this will not work-out as I would want to, I might even think about buying the "Bootstrap Studio" - based on their demo it looks also promising.


Biking Endorphines design will contain elements such as:

1. Login Page

2. Demo site page where the diagrams and functionality is presented.

3. Biking Statistics page sorted by day/week/month/year and even by route-location-points, that you could filter.

4. Biking Endorphines Badges Acquired page that will contain all the Badges user gathered (when logged-in) and information which badges are yet to be discovered (some of them will be hidden).

And so I've created account on "StackHive" and choosed template called "Pratt Theme".

It looks like after creating a new project in "StackHive" (from template) it needs to be loaded within some type of a Queue as the message follows: "Please wait while we load your website".

As I'm currently in a bus using my 3G internet - if the "loading" is not on the server site, but on the client site, it will take a bit longer than I thought.

Well it looks like for the final thoughts about "StackHive" you will need to wait till next article.

Making commitment to stage project into steps

That's the next thing I need to do. I need to stage all the steps and user-stories into plan and then start by making these steps as easy to achive as possible.

First "chunk" of story was to create this article with information about designing B-Endorophines project.

Then I will need to re-think if using Github Issues was such a great idea.

I might even think about moving into some other platform after-all. We will see.

I will for sure make list of the features splitted into as small "chunks" as possible and setup this as my tasks per day/week/month.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading! Please stay tuned - I will make next article about using "StackHive" :)

Please share and comment in the box bellow :) Till next time!


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