Employer change!

I'm back into mode of blogging experience :) . It was a bit too long vacations from blogging, so I've almost forgot how to blog :)

I had to make this vacations from blogging to speedup learning new things to company that I've started working in this month.

Yeah- you guest it - I've changed my employer! It was a long journey with Mobica - and finally - after 4 years - I've decided to make changes.

I'm really greatfull for all the experience I've gathered there! Great people and great projects that I had a chance to work on.

There was also some less fun projects - but that's normal in our IT-industry. Unfortunatelly in my experience they are the onces that made me think about change.

Finally thanks to my a bit too high ambitions I've decided to move on and find new challenge. As far as this week went by in new work - I personally think it was good choice.

For now I find it both challengeful and joyful, so as a bit scary - but that's normal. We fear things that we kind-of should do. That's why we are scared of them - they present a challenge for us. Problems we will be fighting against will shape us.

I don't think all of us should go and challenge them-self. I just wanted to say - it works for me.

I personally think now that I'm not fearfull being. But being brave means to be scared but move on!

Just a bit about new work - I'm working as a python developer within project that uses framework much similar to django.

Changes part 2 :)

That's not all. I've decided to go the unknown path of using "3 levels of tasks"3 poziomy pl - thanks to Mirek! and check if it will lead me to any progress. And it kind of did.

Unfortunatelly while I tried to fulfill my task of "5 am domination of day" I got health problems and finally I got flu - and got myself banned from outside world for a week.

You may wonder how in the middle of summer I got flu? That's because I was not thinking straight :) I thought that I will just try all things that I got in my mind and bring them ASAP.

That's why my organism gave up - I did not sleep enough (means at least for 7-8 hours - i did about 5-6 hours) and also first thing I did after waking up was riding a bike and then having a shower. All of this would not be something bad - unfortunatelly one time temperature outside was not enough to wear a short outfit (shortened on shorts and shirt) - and that my shower was not a hot-shower, but a half hot half cold shower - and that got my organism finally to gave up. :( (LL - lesson learned. )

There was also a good side of 3-levels - after making each level of task you should give yourself something in reward (as Mirek says and does in his 3-levels - check his big list! ).

So I also did - After making progress in some fields (i.e. having Android badge ) - I reward myself - but in a way that will bring my attention to move with next challenges in 3-levels.

That's why I've bought 16GB of RAM to my Lenovo X220 that I currently use - check pictures:

Ram before unpacking Ram while installing

Blogging against full-time job.

Taking into account that my current job requires a full attention from me - when I come back to home I kind-of don't have any more left energy to make any progress with anything that is combined with programming.

That means that probably I will make progress with my private projects in weeekends.

I hope to find solution to work on them also in work-week days - using some tricks like:

  1. After come back from work go ride a bike for 30 minutes to get more relaxed.
  2. Take a shower after going back to home to refresh myself ( self.refresh() :D )
  3. Bring pomodoro technique and my todo-lists in life and try to make a least one additional thing per day. (to motivate myself)


The only plan I have is to blog at least ones a week. It may be about my current project (BikingEndorphines) or my back-side projects or other things :)

Also I do hope, till end of this year I will manage to complete in some usable stage my current project (B-Endorphines) - finger crossed ! :)


Thanks for all of you that reads this blog - it encourages me to move on and make progress with priv. projects. :)

This time it was not a technical-stuff - but beaware - you may or maynot find next article more technical :) That's a surprise !


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