Today is the day when this Blog has it's One Year Anniversary. Exactly One year ago I decided to start blogging. Check out why after one year I still blog.

S0-E27/E30 :)

What was my first article?

You can look back using page-navigator on a list of posts and find out that my first blog post was How to create own blog which give a lot of input on making your own Blog! Even I am really a fan of it - because of amount of knowledge I've put into that particular article.

What I've prepared for 1st year blog anniversary

I've added two plugins:

  • Series - a great plugin that enables the creation of series of posts. Configured by blogger. In my blog, you can check one of the #30dayMiroBurnChallenge posts
  • Related-posts - also a great plugin that enables making relations between posts that contains similar tags. It works automatically but can you can override its default behaviour. I have already enabled this plugin, Just go to the end of this posts and you will have five related posts.

I decided finally to clean up a bit my markdown directory with posts and move files from one "bin" into individual directories i.e. projects.

I do hope you those plugins will help you find some interesting articles.

Now to the question.

Why do I still blog

I do tend to have a break from now to then. But even if I do - I come back. I believe it's because of those arguments:

  • I feel achievement every time I put an article on the blog. (even if it's a straightforward tutorial) - sometimes I come-back to that post for knowledge.
  • Each time I blog, I try to find an interesting thing that I'm currently working on or that fascinates me. That helps me to move forward with my knowledge and experience.
  • Sharing knowledge with others! - You have a friend that's likely to have a problem that you already solved? Why not share it on your blog or a StackOverflow?
  • Making a post about something gives you an opportunity to learn that thing better - Why ? - Because you need to undestand beforehand what are you are blogging about - and that makes a type of "Rubber duck debugging" process in your mind - which alternatively improves the learning process.

That's about it - that's what drives my blogging experience.

How about you? When do you plan to start your Blog ?



That's it :) Comment, share or don't :)

If you have any suggestions what I should blog about in the next articles - please give me a hint :)

See you tomorrow! Cheers!


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