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How to integrate your SimpleNote account and your vim editor ?

There are a simple tutorial how to make your SimpleNote integrated with VIM.

Use mrtazz simplenote.vim repo - as follows:

Add this to your .vimrc file:

Plugin 'mrtazz/simplenote.vim'

let g:SimplenoteUsername = "your-email-here"
let g:SimplenotePassword = "your-password-here"

And then after re-activating your shell env, you should be able to use vim +SimplenoteList - or just make vim and then in vim press: :SimplenoteList to list all your Simplenote Lists.

Failure to connect to server ?

After a bit of digging and testing I've unfortunatelly found that simplenote.py does not authorize user (it was few months ago when I've first found this project), not creating a proper token data- thous making impossible to use this plugin.

I have approached mrtazz on twitter which you can find here - but in the meantime I will try to investigate this problem and find a solution - then make a github PR to his repo :)

What's the purpose of this?

Why would you need a vim plugin to a SimpleNote ? Well - for example if you want to make some type of integration with Grammarly.

You could make your notes within SimpleNote by saving it with vim and then just go to browser and use Grammarly plugins in browser to fix any issues with your note/article/doc.

Final result

This article does not end on this un-happy scenario. I will create another with updates. There will be a Part2 of your SimpleNote-Vim Adventure :)



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