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How to fix problem on shopt with nuke-graph-directory.sh

Did you have a problem while sudo apt-get purge docker.io ?

Was this problem related some-how with a shopt like this:

./contrib/nuke-graph-directory.sh: 64: ./contrib/nuke-graph-directory.sh: shopt: not found

I have a fix for you - the fix is so trivial that untill I've found this issue on github I did not realize that this nuke-graph-directory.sh could run on different shell environment!

To fix problem you have to change shebang for this script:


With what tianon have commited in this commit nuke-graph-directory.sh file

So instead of : -#!/bin/sh - change to #!/usr/bin/env bash

Why do I write about it today ?

Well... that's my little secret I have to confess - I did not checked yesterdays commands from article at the time of creating it.

I was almost 100% sure command apt-get purge will work.

Guess what - when I've check it today on my computer it failed :( That's why I decided to write about this so everyone that will find this issue will know what to do :)

Final result

You should have a fully remove docker.io from your system.



That's it :) Comment, share or don't :)

If you have any suggestions what I should blog about in the next articles - please give me a hint :)

See you tomorrow! Cheers!


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