Before we begin with how to start new year, let me summarize 2017:

Summarizing 2017

It's been a long journey for me to get back to blogging. Since the last article was published, I have found billions of excuses not to blog, and other excuses not to make any progress with my BikingEndorphines project :(

As the result of that, I did not complete project in a beta-phase.

That's about failures.... - there was more failures, but is there any sunshine out-there?

Yes! I'm writing this article! That's a huge step to get back with my unfinished businesses.

What else ... Let's summarize 2017 in 10 brief points:

1. Challenged myself to create this blog and post in a DSP competition articles about BikingEndorphines project
2. Finally broke the ice with flying tourist jets.
3. Came back to driving a car - something that I did not anticipate myself that would be possible.
4. Started Master-Mind sessions with my 2 friends - Special thanks for @Wojciech
5. Went to conferences- which embraced my ambitions.
6. Came-back to drawing on paper
7. Decided it was time to change my employer.
8. Started early morning routines (waking up at 5 am or earlier).
9. Successfully completed Associate Android Developer course by Udacity, certified by Google (
10. Finally decided to buy a better phone to be more mobile.

So... How to start New Year?

How about from... Happy New Year! :)

But ehm.... seriously ?

Everyone has made their commitments for this year. If you did not, you are the lucky sailor above this challenges.

I also made my commitments. This time I've finally used "3 layers" or "3 Poziomy" (in polish lang) to keep my goals real and more achievable ( you can check out about "3 poziomy" ).

But how can you change your new year and be more of yourself in this year?

Let's ask yourself a few questions that may lead you to the path you were looking for, shall we?

First of all, let's start with a big one - where do you see yourself in 5 years?

That's the question I've been asked year by year on a "yearly work employee reviews" - of course, it had work-related context, but let's think about this in a bit more comprehensive way.

Let's for example assume that in past you have wonder how it would be to become a great piano artist. Maybe you thought about taking that piano lessons but since you think there is no time for that, you did not even started?

For this example, let's remove money from the equation. Let's focus only on time needed to master in a beginning level piano playing.

Learning how to play a piano needs - that's my imagination - 100hours.

If you are working/walking to school and sleeping regularly, it takes about 16 hours in average. Add time needed for transport and preparation to work/school and you are left with about 4-5 hours of free time that you can spend on anything you want.

Sky is the limit, right ?

Yes and no. The only one that divides you from winning is yourself and your motivations. But let's come back to our calculations.

Let's assume that you want to spend at least 1 hour a day for relax - i.e. playing games/reading books/watching movies/tv-series. That means you have about 4 hours of free time per work day that you could spend on something productive and/or for expending your relations with others.

If you want to spend 1 hour per day for learning how to play piano, you would need :

100h / 5 hours per week = 20 weeks = approx. 5 months.

That's less then half year! (Remember - half-full glass of water )

Think, what you could do with second half of the year ? :-)

My 2018 plans?

I you wonder what are my plans(especially connected with blog-context):

1. Blogging at least twice per month
2. Focus on my BikingEndorphines project
3. Change deployment system of new articles to blog into more mobile way


That's it :) Comment and share if you liked this article.

BTW : I'd appreciate any suggestions about next articles.

PS Next time there will be a more technical stuff :) but Ciiiiiii - no-one needs to know :-)

See you! Cheers :)


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